24/7/365 Operation Center

DIAPLOUS has an Operations Center manned on a 24-Hours basis, which subject to our Client’s infrastructure / premises connectivity options, can receive CCTV video streaming along with other security related equipment readings.

Guarding Services

We offer high standard qualified and experienced manned security services for a great spectrum of security guards’ positions such as on-site Guarding and Patrol for:

Commercial units, Offices and multi-national companies

Industrial Facilities

Shopping Malls – Retail Sector

Hotels & Resorts

Embassies & Consulates

Aviation Security

Ports and Yachts Marinas

Residences & Residential compounds—Estate Protection

Commercial Units & Offices Security

DIAPLOUS can provide customized security solutions for safeguarding Corporations’ Offices and Commercial Units from security breaches.

It is widely known that access control systems have a significant impact in preventing unauthorized access to working spaces (offices, commercial units, etc.). However, a  detailed documented security review is crucial to be conducted for identifying security threats & vulnerabilities.

DIAPLOUS has the expertise to:

  • Conduct detailed security reviews

  • Propose specific security options

  • Provide tailor made security services

Industrial Facilities Security Services

DIAPLOUS can provide tailor made security solutions for industrial facilities such as Oil Refineries, Logistics Distribution Centers, Construction sites, Healthcare units and Warehouses.

One of our recent projects was the identification, evaluation, and mitigation of identified threats for a major Petroleum Refinery Facility in Europe.

Our security consultants are experienced in providing the following security services:

  • Identification of Industrial Unit’s assets.

  • Identification of threats.

  • Identification of vulnerabilities

  • Production of Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Matrixes.

  • Penetration tests.


Diaplous is acknowledged as market leader in the provision of worldwide executive protection services. Our professional consultants and experts accompany high-net- worth executives, private individuals and their families in the majority of the world’s hostile and volatile environments.

Diaplous’ executive protection officers are professionally trained to an internationally acknowledged standard, their experiences and expertise originating, for the most part, from within the military, law enforcement or Special Forces. Both male and female officers can be deployed worldwide at short notice.


With DIAPLOUS “Meet & Greet” service, our experienced security consultants will conduct all necessary arrangements to meet you in time at the respective airport, helicopter landing area, port or Mega Yacht Marina, and provide safe transportation to your destination.
According to the assessed level of threat, DIAPLOUS can also assist by offering the following mentioned bespoke security services:

  • Secure Transportation
  • Pre- Journey Management & Risk Assessment
  • In-country intelligence
  • Route & venue reconnaissance


DIAPLOUS can provide security services to the Shopping Malls — Retail sector.

Our professionally trained guards can provide the highest level of security services to Retail Sector’s Clients.

Shopping Malls and Retail stores attract a large number of customers and a properly trained security guard can monitor customers activities which could be suspicious. Also, it shall be considered that with the presence of a guard on-site, a shoplifting can be eventually prevented.


Due to our wealth of experience in providing security services to a great range of business environments, DIAPLOUS Land Services can conduct Security Reviews considering the scale of the event / exhibition, and provide bespoken security services for following mentioned indicative events:

  • Sporting events
  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • National & International Exhibitions
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Art Galleries openings
  • Fashion events


DIAPLOUS can provide fully customized security solutions for safeguarding individuals and their residences from several security breaches, such as home invasion and privacy Invasion.

We can provide detailed Security reviews for residential units and propose specific security     related infrastructure for installation, as well as policies and procedures implementation according to our findings and your requirements.

The proposed security related infrastructure might include specific equipment, wired / wireless / satellite connection with our operation center, access control systems and CCTV equipment.   Additionally, our proposed security policies and procedures shall include recruitment protocols  as well as emergency procedures to be followed in case of a security breach.


DIAPLOUS provides security services for Hotels and Resorts of any size.

For providing tailor-made security services we can initially provide a security review and according to our findings we can prepare a detailed report addressing the security issues which will need special attention.

A specific security plan will be designed according to your security policies, protocols, and procedures for maximizing the security of your guests and staff.

Indicatively, we can provide the following security services:

  • Guests and Employees access control
  • Suppliers / Vendors access control
  • Provision of Static and Patrol Security

Aviation Security

DIAPLOUS can provide Aviation security services with properly qualified and certified security guards         according to aviation security standards.

Our properly trained guards can provide the highest level of security services to the Aviation Industry.

Ports and Yacht Marinas Security

DIAPLOUS can provide qualified security guards for Ports and Marinas.


Embassies & Consulates Security

DIAPLOUS is able to provide security services to Embassies and Consulates.

Highly qualified and properly trained guards can be deployed and provide security services.

Security checks with special trained dogs K9

DIAPLOUS can provide special trained K9 dogs for a number of security related operations such as illegal drugs detection, personal protection, explosives  detection and stowaways detection.


DIAPLOUS Security Risk Consultants can collaborate efficiently and effectively with all types of Clients either    Individuals (C-Level Executives, HNWIs/UHNWIs, VIPs) or Corporations (National, Multi-national & International) in any Industry Sector (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary).

We offer tailored services to help you manage uncertainty, leveraging privileged sources and proprietary methodologies for delivering original content exactly when you need it.:

  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Security Assessment
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management
  • Capability building

Security reviews facilitate in identifying security related vulnerabilities and in determining the respective risk   level associated with the identified security issues.

DIAPLOUS offers its Clients two key advantages in this area:

  • We use proven risk mitigation methodologies
  • Our security consultants provide tailor-made analysis according to the respective security context

Indicatively, we have recently accomplished the following mentioned security reviews and security audits:

  • Security Review of both Commercial and Private Security infrastructure for a multi- national business in Europe.
  • Security Review of an UHNWI’s Executive protection service and respective technical security’s infrastructure.