Diaplous Land Services has the proven experience, knowledge, and capabilities for providing tailor-made security solutions for safeguarding land-based premises, facilities, and assets.

Security Personnel


We offer qualified and highly experienced security personnel for a wide spectrum of security duties, including on-site guarding, manning, patrolling and enforcement of security policies/ protocols. Diaplous’ security guards have the capabilities to effectively and professionally handle real-time security situations, threats and emergencies using sound judgement, correct implementation of protocols, and a range of security systems/ equipment.

Security personnel can be deployed for:

Embassies & Consulates

Commercial units, Offices and multi-national companies

Industrial facilities, critical infrastructure, oil & gas facilities

Retail Sector

Hotels & Resorts

Ports and Marinas

Residential compounds, Estate protection

Private, corporate large-scale events & exhibitions

Aviation industry (with security guards qualified and certified for aviation security standards)

Security Surveys, Security Planning & Implementation


Our security consultants are experienced in conducting security surveys for land-based assets, premises and facilities in order to systematically and comprehensively assess vulnerabilities and risks. This process identifies the location-specific security-related events or conditions, or combinations of events and conditions that could lead to loss of security, and provides an understanding of the likelihood and consequences of these events. Based on these results, our in-house team proposes site-specific security solutions and countermeasures to mitigate risks and to secure the vulnerabilities.

We offer complete and holistic security planning services, which include physical and procedural procedures, equipment and protocols, as well as the necessary services to support the implementation of security plans. Together with our 24/7 operations/ Crisis Management Centre, we have the capabilities to remotely monitor CCTV and intrusion detection systems and deploy the necessary support in the case of a security incident.

Auditing & Penetration Tests


Our auditing services are systematic evaluations of the security of a site/ facility’s security implementation, which measure how well the security implementation conforms to the established set of criteria/ measures and risk control activities.

Our security consultants also conduct physical penetration tests, which are simulated security exercises that attempt to find and exploit vulnerabilities of the security of the site/ facilities. This is a key service we offer in order to determine if security controls remain effective and fit for purpose.


As a provider of worldwide executive protection services, our professional consultants and experts have the capabilities and experience to accompany high-net-worth executives, private individuals and their families in the majority of the world’s hostile and volatile environments.

Diaplous’ executive protection officers are professionally trained to an internationally recognized standard, their experiences and expertise mostly originating from within the military, law enforcement or special forces. Both male or female officers can be deployed worldwide at short notice.


With Diaplous “Meet & Greet” service, our experienced security consultants will conduct all necessary arrangements to meet you in time at the respective airport, helicopter landing area, port or marina, and provide safe transportation to the end destination.

According to the assessed level of threat, Diaplous can also assist by offering the following bespoke security services:

  • Secure transportation
  • Pre-journey management & risk assessment
  • In-country intelligence
  • Route & venue forward scouting/ reconnaissance