Intelligence Analysis & Vital Response Crisis Management Centre

The IAVRCM Centre is our 24/7 in-house unit dedicated to the immediate reaction and management of any security incident, crisis or emergency our clients face. Our crisis management centre generates key client-specific or industry-specific analyses and situational outlooks following any security incident(s) and establishes both immediate and long-term comprehensive security risk management solutions.

Holistic Security & Operations Management System

The Security & Operations Management System (SOMS) is a tailor-made overarching system that addresses all aspects that are necessary in order to develop and operate frameworks that protect the company, its employees, information, assets and facilities while delivering business value through optimized operational efficiency.

Intelligence Newsletter

We offer a routine compilation of highly relevant open-source client-specific intelligence and news, which outlines key developments and any identified threats, risks and security implications.

Operations Control Room

Our 24/7 Operations Control Room is dedicated to the live remote monitoring of our clients’ security using sophisticated technologies (Internet of Things) and processing abilities for highly efficient security protection.

Country & Regional Risk Monitoring & Assessments

Our seasoned in-house risk management and intelligence analysts offer country/ regional risk monitoring and assessments for clients with operations or interest in a particular geographic location facing a particular set of geopolitical/ social/ economic challenges.

Security & Risk Management Consulting

Strategic security and maritime risk management consultancy identifies and analyses risks to clients and ensures their mitigation strategies are appropriately focused and resourced. We work with senior management teams, in order to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet core business aims.

Kidnap & Ransom Crisis Management

 Diaplous can deploy response teams with unique expertise in resolving cases of kidnapping, piracy, extortion, threat, and illegal detention.

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