Diaplous has enhanced maritime domain awareness both for the Indian Ocean and West Africa, from open and closed sources, most importantly through information collected and reported by our own deployed teams. Diaplous has in-country operations teams and intelligence gathering cells, in the regions of interest, and cooperates with international organizations on intelligence and information analysis. As a group, we track and monitor all assets under our protection 24/7 and can provide information on their current status, on the spot:

Daily morning telecommunication between the Operations Dept. and the deployed teams

Our Operations Department maintains daily communication with our teams onboard and is informed in real time for the current status of the operation. In case of an unusual occurrence, our operations center is accessible 24/7 and can respond immediately to any internal or external risks and threats.

Vessel Tracking Portal

The vessel tracking portal Diaplous uses, is a sophisticated, integrated fleet and risk management tool, which provides live vessel tracking, voyage risk assessments and electronic geo zones. Through this portal, which is customized for our specific business line, our Operations Department can receive maritime security alerts, in the wake of a hazardous incident, which provide holistic situational awareness and enable our teams to respond immediately and effectively to alleviate the threat.

Daily Security Report by the Team Leader

Our assigned Team Leaders, who are selected based on their extensive military experience and excellent performance on demanding transits, are responsible for preparing and delivering a security report to our Operations Department, on a daily basis. The security report details analytically the position, course, speed, weather and other important information at the time, as well as any unusual incidents, drills and a brief risk response assessment with the purpose of evaluating the vessel’s readiness and ensuring all health, safety, security and environmental protocols are being followed strictly. The data from these security reports is collected and analyzed, so we can extract crucial information and detect trends for risk management and mitigation.

Daily monitoring through our Global SAIS & Independent Tracking Systems

Through our Global SAIS & Independent Tracking Systems, we have access to a large pool of invaluable financial and commercial data, allowing us to make forecasts and predictions to better safeguard the interests of our clients through market trend analyses, project risk assessments, journey risk assessments and many more upon request.

Daily Piracy Update of teams by our Operations Dept. with information gathered by:

NATO Shipping Center
• Contacts in EU Headquarters
• Commercial Intelligence Providers
• Open & closed sources
• Information received by teams onboard

Our experience in the domain of maritime security in combination with intelligence from international organizations we cooperate with, allows us to always remain at the forefront of maritime security and anti-piracy by providing accurate risk analyses, assessments and consulting.

Post-transit report upon completion of a transit

After the completion of a transit, our Operations Department prepares and delivers a post-transit report for the client, which details all relevant actions (crew briefing, anti-piracy drills, hardening measures etc.) performed onboard to mitigate security related risks and advises the client on possible actions to be taken as additional security, based on our assessment of the vessel’s weaknesses, for future operations.

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