Who We Are?


Across major sectors, we make cyber security understandable by simplifying hi-tech terminology – creating the connections companies need to stay ahead of the hackers, and giving businesses a tangible competitive advantage by maintaining business continuity from cyber security perspective.


Many years of experience in NATO Best Practices, Techniques and Tactics, leading Cyber Defense exercises, consulting to NATO/NCRIC for more than 8 years and providing Penetration Testers / Ethical Hackers with over 15 years experience, give us the ability to distinguish our selves from the majority of our competitors

What We Do


We offer our services based on Trust = Honesty + Reliability

Our Secret?

We are different not because we have the most experienced cyber security consultants with high level expertise from International organisations such as NATO, but because we have a deep knowledge of Maritime sector, shipping companies’ business objectives and we recommend cyber security solutions that drive Business Objectives to success.

We’re Agile

We move fast, finding the best solution for your company. Cyber attacks don’t wait.

We’re Honest

We always find the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your specific case maximizing your cyber security Return of Investment.

We’re Reliable

We do what we say. Each case is a unique case for us and a DEDICATED engineer is allocated. By doing so, we try to maximize our attention to your company and don’t miss any of your concerns to deal with.

We’re Pioneering

Our global network of cyber security specialists give us the ability to search and find the best for you. Because we want to drive Cyber Security in the Maritime sector and only by being Pioneers we can achieve this vision.

We’re Ambitious

We’re always working to make things better…. and we will not stop even if you are fully satisfied, offering you constantly the ‘’something more’’ that you don’t know that exists.

We’re Responsible

We get real results by doing things the right way. That means putting quality first, taking ownership of our actions, communicating openly and treating people well in everything we do.

We’re Collaborative

We bring together all the stakeholders, sharing ideas and knowledge with the best in the business, from the global FOCAL POINT’s network, from Academia, Government, Industry, Public and Private sectors in general, in an effort to tackle Maritime Cyber Security issues in a comprehensive and effective way.