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Maritime Services

DIAPLOUS Maritime Services Maritime Services is a leading maritime security provider, delivering first class services to an ever-expanding portfolio of shipping companies from all over the globe, including some of the largest oil majors.

Established in Cyprus, in October 2010, and having a branch in Athens, Greece, DIAPLOUS has grown exponentially over the last years, broadening and multiplying its client base, as well as amassing a wealth of invaluable operational experience.

The Company’s mission is to provide the shipping industry with a wide range of efficient solutions. In particular, we provide unarmed and armed services within the High Risk Area in the Indian Ocean, and we are also prepared to offer similar services in West Africa and other piracy areas, whenever the existing situation allows.

Everything we do, is guided by our core values: Safety, Quality and Trust.

The company continually improves the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of its IMS (Integrated Management System), while evaluating its objectives and continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness through the Management Review procedure, so it can achieve its goals, taking into account a number of parameters which include the Company’s performance, incidents reports, training needs and customers’ evaluation.

Maritime Services
We provide the highest standard of qualified and trained armed and unarmed security teams, each carefully selected to address the unique requirements and needs of every individual client, matching our teams’ skills to your vessels and crew. Furthermore, we provide:
  • Incident investigation
  • Maritime security consultancy
  • Training of Shipping company’s staff
  • Training of vessel crew, before entering the High Risk Area

Armed services

DIAPLOUS guarantees high quality Armed Services. The security equipment used by our teams is suitable for covering all requirements for an armed transit. All members on board vessels hold all necessary qualifications of firearms handling and receive special training on their use, participating in live firing exercises on a regular basis.

Unarmed services

DIAPLOUS considers that the strong hardening of the perimeter of the vessel is the first priority; any other fortification on the vessel simply delays the pirates from securing the bridge upon boarding the vessel.
According to our experience, a vessel’s strong hardening discourages the pirates from attacking. As a result, the vessels avoid any shooting against the accommodation, which may result to both potential injuries and significant damages.

Maritime Services

The core of our security teams is recruited from former Hellenic Special Forces operators; all are security cleared to the highest levels, according to the IMO selection process requirements, with emphasis on psychological screening and criminal record vetting to ensure that they are suitable to carry firearms.

Our personnel are trained to the highest international standards, which include:

  • the globally accepted Maritime Security Operator Level 3 (MSO Level 3) qualification as stated by ISO 28007 confirming comprehensive training and assessed proficiency in the conduct of their duties;
  • regular and frequent pre-transit weapon handling tests and live-firing evaluated by an accredited authority.
  • internationally accredited advanced medical training, consisting of recognized trauma and life support qualifications. This is in addition to the basic first aid training required of every seafarer.

Maritime Services

All weapons used by our MSOs are wholly owned by the company, which holds valid, legal End User Certificates issued in the Company’s name and are subjected to periodic maintenance regime by an accredited authority. We are able to offer a range of weapon types to suit specific requirements stated by a client. Diaplous is capable of offering its clients numerous transfer locations across the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean, ensuring the smooth running of operations.

We maintain strict regulations which are applied by our Team Leaders on board who, together with the Master, ensure the proper and safe handling and storage of weapons as well as their legal and proper use of them, according to the Rules for Use Of Force (RUF), being in line with BIMCO regulations.

Maritime Services
  • We are proud and enthusiastic members of key industry bodies such as BIMCO.

  • We have established ourselves as the provider of choice for some of the largest oil majors and charterers, winning the most prestigious contracts, heavily competed across the industry, and requiring unequivocal success in the most rigorous “due diligence” processes.

  • We have tested our management and delivery structures against all of the major approved industry standards including ISO 9001, ISO 28007, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. In achieving these standards our certifying body, Lloyds Register, endorses our ability to deliver all aspects of our core business, but most importantly that of providing armed security to merchant ships transiting the High Risk Area, and thereby far exceeding industry minimum standards in the delivery of our product.

  • We have flag state endorsement from all the major flag states.

  • DIAPLOUS insurance provisions as well as RUF policy, are fully in line with BIMCO GUARDIAN requirements.

  • Maritime Services

    Our outstanding operations team delivers nothing short of operational excellence 24/7.

    In particular, our team ensure that:

    • Each customer receives every possible assistance prior signing an offer/contract
    • All customer complaints are documented, investigated and resolved
    • All customer needs and expectations are identified, reviewed and satisfied
    • Our teams embark and disembark the vessel smoothly and without delays
    • Every mission on board is monitored by our company on a daily basis through the necessary reports and daily communications.
    Our clients constantly commend us on the proactive, informative, helpful and diligent management of operations.

    Company’s Policy
    Our company’s main concern is meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and providing high quality services to them. Our company is fully aware that, in order to meet customer objectives in the best possible way and be able to respond to market demands, it has to perform its work within a certain framework set by the specification of quality.

    Therefore, our company is harmonized with a quality policy that outlines the following points:

    • Continuous improvement.
    • Use of modern technological processes for the allocation of services.
    • Close monitoring of market developments and needs.
    • Monitoring and immediate response to requests and queries questions from customers.
    • Being in agreement with its customers.
    • Suppliers are required to meet the Company’s desired quality standards.
    • Direct detection of non-compliance and initiation of corrective and preventive actions.
    • Provision of necessary tools and knowledge to all staff of the Company.
    • Development of spirit of cooperation towards all members of the Company’s staff.
    • Monitoring and compliance with laws and regulatory requirements.

    Our Company has established security objectives at relevant functions and levels, aiming at risk management by reducing the probability of events, minimizing the effects of incidents and mitigating the consequences through adequate preparation and resilience.

    The Company’s objectives regarding the security policy implementation is to:

    • Assess and monitor the security aspects of all PCASP and shore based premises.
    • Establish safeguards against identified risks.
    • Comply with National, International and flag administrative requirements as applicable.
    • Avoid security incidents that could cause human injury, loss of life or damage to the ship, the property and assets under the Company’s management and protection.
    • Ensure fast and efficient exchange of security related information.
    • Protect physical and information technology (IT) assets.
    • Enhance efforts to combat piracy.
    • Enhance the capability of the PCASP to deal with the consequences of a piracy attack.
    • Preserve the security of vessels and ensure effective systems of piracy control.

    In order to effectively implement its Security Policy the Company:

    • Communicates the security policy to all interested parties.
    • Provides adequate resources and support / training to the PCASP for the purpose.
    • Implements procedures to prepare and respond to security related emergency situations.
    • Designates appropriate personnel to monitor security aspects both on board & ashore.
    • Prepares & trains shore based staff and PCASP for handling emergency situations.
    • Implements all National, International and Flag administrative requirements, by promoting them to all members of the company’s personnel through the existing training programs.
    • Prevents unauthorized access to shore based premises.
    • Cooperates with port authorities and shore-based facilities and agents in order to enhance security levels during operations and embarkation/disembarkation of the PCASP.
    • Gathers information with respect to security threats and promotes information exchange in connection with security incidents.
    • Evaluates and continually improves the security processes / measures, followed by taking necessary actions in order to identify problem areas through the implementation of Internal Auditing and Management Review systems.

    All Company employees, both shore-based and PCASP, are familiarized with security policy through training procedures and they are responsible for implementing the company's Security Policy. The Company's Management has the responsibility of monitoring and reviewing Security Policy on a regular basis, in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

    It is the Company's Policy to continuously promote a Safe & Healthy operating environment. Top Management continually demonstrates its commitment for the implementation of its Health & Safety policy, by establishing procedures for implementation and continuous improvement of the Company’s policies, and also by communicating them to all members of the personnel.

    Our Company is committed to create a Safe & Healthy working environment for all employees. Safety is not something separate from our business, but something very important to everything we do. We will not, and cannot, make any compromises on this issue. We believe that every incident is preventable and this policy is designed to support the achievement of our goal of minimum incidents.

    Therefore, the Company is committed to:

    • Protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and other interested parties who may be affected by its activities.
    • Comply with all relevant legal, customer and other interested party requirements.
    • Recognize and meet its responsibilities and duties as an employer to do everything that is reasonably practicable to prevent accidents, injuries and occupational ill health.

    The Company will achieve these commitments through the following means:

    • By providing and maintaining safe working environments which are without risks to health and safety.
    • By setting standards that comply with the relevant statutory and industry-specific requirements relative to health and safety with regard to the effect on employees, contractors and the public.
    • By safeguarding employees and others against foreseeable hazards connected with work activities, processes and working systems.
    • By ensuring that when new equipment, processes or premises are introduced, adequate guidance, instruction, training and supervision will be provided for the development of safe methods of work.
    • By training all employees to be competently aware of their own responsibilities with respect to relevant health and safety matters, ensuring their participation in the prevention of accidents and cooperation with measures taken to prevent diseases.
    • By promoting good health amongst employees and by showing concern on the issue of prevention of occupational and non-occupational disorders and diseases.
    • By organizing inspections and review activities to ensure that the Company’s objectives for health and safety are being met.
    • By setting objectives and supporting action plan of work, focusing on achieving the Company’s commitments and eliminating, or reducing, present major hazards. Also, by reviewing objectives during Management Review Meetings.

    The appropriateness and effectiveness of this Policy, and also the means identified within its framework for delivering the Company’s commitments, are the subject of regular reviews by the Management Team. All Company employees shall recognize personal responsibility for implementing the Company's health & safety Policy.

    At Diaplous, we are committed to the preservation of the environment. All our employees are accountable for complying with this Policy.

    We always look for ways to lessen the environmental impact of our operations.

    • We conduct our business in compliance with all relevant local, regional and national regulations and industry codes;
    • We have identified our operational impacts and apply continuous improvement for the purpose of reducing them, including:
      - Efficient use of energy, resources and water;
      - Prevention of pollution and reducing waste;
      - Safe removal, storage, handling, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials;
      - Implementation of procedures for the avoidance and correction of accidents;
      - Better recycling of materials ;
      - Think before printing.

    This commitment demands that:

    • We aim to promote environmental awareness and actions of our employees with appropriate information, training and support;
    • We work towards continual improvement in our environmental performance and periodically review the established system;
    • We ensure that this policy is made available and communicated to the interested parties whenever and wherever necessary.
    • We promptly report all incidents and unsafe conditions to the Quality Manager.
    • We set objectives in order to reduce the Company’s environmental impact and maintain an environmental performance improvement plan so these objectives can be achieved. All objectives will be subjected to review during Management Review Meetings.

    Environmental stewardship is - and must be -an integral part of every Diaplous business practice, job and task. It falls on each of every one of us to assess our own roles and responsibilities and to help fulfill, to the utmost of our abilities, the commitments set forth in this policy.