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Security Reviews, Audit & Lifestyle Evaluation

Security reviews and audits are vital to security risk management. Reviews help decide what resources are needed, while audits are critical to the quality assurance process that strengthens implementation. Diaplous offers its clients two key advantages in this area: we use proven risk mitigation methodologies and our staff understands that our services must be tailored to the specific security context.

Security reviews assess your existing security infrastructure, policies & procedures. They identify gaps and make recommendations so your security solutions can best mitigate risks associated with identified threats. Security audits ensure that policies and procedures are implemented correctly. Both activities should be supported by a security risk assessment to help maintain a balanced approach to security risk management.

Examples of recent security review and audit tasks performed and completed by Diaplous Land Services include:

  • Review of both commercial and private security infrastructure for a multi-national business in Athens, Greece and Europe.
  • Review of executive protection services for Greek private client.
  • Review of security infrastructure both physical and technical for private client.
  • Audit of security policy and procedure implementation for a major corporate business.
Executive Protection

Diaplous is rapidly acknowledged as market leader in the provision of worldwide executive protection services. Our professional consultants and our experts on the subject matter accompany high-net- worth executives, private individuals and their families to the majority of the world’s hostile and volatile environments.

Diaplous’ executive protection officers are professionally trained to an internationally acknowledged standard, their experiences and expertise originating, for the most part, from within the military, law enforcement or Special Forces. Both male and female officers can be deployed worldwide at short notice.

Security Services

Diaplous is the security provider of choice for most international shipping companies who seek to succeed in hostile, complex and high risk environments. Our operational security services help clients mitigate existing and potential threats cost-effectively. We offer a broad range of services to support clients’ requirements.

Diaplous Land Services is well placed to provide a global solution for corporations who require occasional support or longer term solutions in several areas:

  • Executive Protection details
  • Armed or Unarmed protection teams
  • Security awareness training including bespoke travel medical advice
  • Penetration testing
  • Kidnap & Ransom Avoidance Training
Security Consulting

Diaplous Security risk consultants work with all types of clients, from Maritime, High Net Worth (HNW) and multinationals, to medium to small business and private individuals.

Strategic security consulting identifies and examines threats and risks to clients and ensures their mitigation strategy is appropriately focused and resourced. We work with senior managers, security directors, CEOs, and others, in order to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet core business aims. This often starts with a strategic security risk assessment before developing the executive security directive. Diaplous can assist with the production of corporate policies and standards or security systems and delivery plans for the business.

Meet and Greet Service

Foreign business travelers and their families arriving in an unfamiliar country present an attractive target for unscrupulous criminals, who often target personnel as they arrive at the airport. With the Diaplous “meet and greet” service, we can provide experienced consultants that can meet you or your company representatives at the airport, and provide safe transportation to their destination.

If the level of threat requires it, Diaplous Land Services can also assist by offering executive protection services and journey management.

Key Services include:

  • Secure Transportation
  • Airport Meet & Greet Service
  • Pre- Journey Management & Risk Assessment
  • In-country Intelligence
  • Route & Venue Reconnaissance
Kidnap and Crisis Response

In partnership with Lloyds, our company’s London-based insurance provider, Diaplous is capable of deploying response teams with unique expertise in resolving cases of kidnapping, piracy, extortion, threat, and illegal detention.

In the event of a kidnapping, our partnership team will deploy a consultant anywhere in the world. This consultant will assess the circumstances, advise on possible options and explain the likely sequence of events. He or she will advise on negotiation strategies, assume the position of the appropriate liaison with all interested parties and, where appropriate, offer support with victim rehabilitation.

Additionally, we deliver incident management training workshops designed to provide participants with an understanding of the delicate issues that need to be resolved during a kidnap or extortion, for the purpose of enabling them to respond in a quick and effective manner.

Security Training

Diaplous offers a comprehensive range of internationally accredited and endorsed training services. Using expertise built over many years and supported by the most up-to-date intelligence, these services can be delivered anywhere in the world. Much of our training offers standardized content, we regularly design customized courses and training to suit the client’s needs.

Diaplous’ courses include:

  • Executive Protection
  • Kidnap and response workshops
  • Maritime Security Opeartive
  • Driver training
  • Medical Training
  • Firearms Training

Our dedicated internationally accredited training facility in Athens forms a center of excellence for many of these services. Together with our wide network of global offices and consultants, this gives us the ability to meet training requirements at a short notice, with solutions tailored to individual specifications, and with high a level of expertise.

When combined with Diaplous’ broader services, our training solutions allow clients to operate in some of the world’s most challenging regions without risking damage to their reputation, employees, assets or commercial viability.

Maritime Services

Our corporate risk management expertise helps clients protect their people, property, information and reputation. Using industry leading techniques and drawing on our extensive experience across Diaplous, we combine customized risk assessment with security planning and management.

By working with clients from early planning stages of an incident, we help them understand relevant threats and identify potential risks to their operations. In turn, this helps them make well-informed, timely decisions to allocate the right resources for mitigating and managing those risks. As a result, clients benefit from more efficient operations and a competitive edge in complex, less accessible and volatile markets.

Our holistic approach to security planning encompasses: security risk assessments; procedural, technical and physical site security; security management; crisis and evacuation planning; incident response and journey management. Often, an assigned Diaplous Risk Management consultant manages ongoing risk by implementing and overseeing operations.

Alternatively, we can offer a 24/7 crisis response support for those clients who don’t require a full-time security consultant.