Your concern, our mission.


In partnership with Lloyds, our company’s London-based insurance provider, Diaplous is capable of deploying teams in response to any crisis. We have highly specialized expertise in the field of resolving cases of kidnapping, piracy, extortion, threat and illegal detention.

In the event of a kidnapping, we will deploy a consultant, or team, to anywhere in the world they might be required. The consultant will evaluate the circumstances, advise on possible options and explain the likely sequence of events.

Diaplous will advise on negotiation strategies, assume the position of the appropriate liaison with all relevant parties, and we can also offer support with victim rehabilitation.

In conjunction with Lloyds, our company’s London-based insurance broker, we deliver incident management training workshops, designed to provide participants with an understanding of the delicate issues that need to be resolved during a kidnapping or extortion, in order to enable them to respond quickly and effectively.