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Diaplous / διάπλους / ► n.1 passage through water. 2 sea passage, crossing. ORIGIN: Gk

The Sea is the heart of the Diaplous Group.

The company is built on the cumulative experience of seafarers with over a century at sea. This deep understanding is being passed onto the next generation as the families of the founders embark on their own maritime adventures to prepare them for the Group’s future.

Diaplous was founded by two Admirals of the Hellenic Fleet and the Commanding Officer of the Navy Seals. Returning to Athens from commanding the first deployment of EUNAVFOR around the Horn of Africa, a retiring Admiral found himself in deep discussions with the ship owners he had recently helped, about how to best protect their vessels and seafarers transiting through difficult waters.

Diaplous Maritime Services was born and five years later, based in the ancient heart of shipping in Piraeus, is one of largest providers of maritime security services in the world.