DIAPLOUS MARITIME SERVICES provides the shipping industry with a wide range of efficient security solutions. Based on our operational experience and professional background, we offer realistic solutions to the needs of the customer. Our experts are ex-Navy officers and our security personnel mainly consists of ex-Navy special forces (Navy seals), long experienced, especially in maritime interdiction operations. The overall background enables the company to offer high quality services to its clients.
Antipiracy Protection
Particularly, providing:
  • with the necessary number of security personnel on board
    of a merchant vessel.
  • the captain with useful intelligence regarding the transit area as well as with advice upon the equipment use policy through the high risk areas.
  • with evaluation and assistance to the captain and the crew
    in order to establish the most effective physical protection
    of the vessel.
  • with training of the crew in antipiracy action applying the necessary drills on a frequent basis.
  • with the necessary watches for a timely detection of the threat as well as a prompt reaction against the intruders.
  • with identification and set up of the most safe place (citadel), as the last resort during a piracy attack.
Proposed Services
  • Protecting ships underway or at anchorage, by providing security personnel.
  • Training ships’ crew through the necessary drills ashore / alongside.
  • Training ships’ crew before and during the passage through a high risk area, aiming at a more effective protection of the ship.
  • Consulting the ships’ crew on the reinforcement of the physical protection measures.
  • Planning and risk assessment of traveling through high risk areas (identification and mitigation of the risks).
  • Consultancy to shipping company’s personnel, upon maritime security, in particular on piracy related issues.
Competitive Advantages of Diaplous Maritime Services
  • Operational experience in antipiracy operations in the gulf of Aden and Indian ocean as well as in Navy special forces operations.
  • Ex-Navy special forces (Navy seals), with long experience in covert / uncovert operations, as well as in maritime
    interdiction operations in the area of interest.
  • Well disciplined, acting as a solid team due to common long service and cooperationin Navy’s special forces,
    as well as controlled reactions due to the mentioned background.
  • Use of practical, efficient and non–escalatory equipment and methods.
  • Effective confrontation of an episode before the last resort (safe room / citadel, if exists).
  • Use of common language (in case of Greek flag ships), as well as fluent use of English.
* Our personnel is fully covered by insurance.